Chapter 1 – Life in Westfork

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Standor the mighty hero came to town with much fanfare. We all prepared… and in some cases did not prepare in our own ways.

Karim‘s homemade armor was polished and cleaned.
Rejard told stories of the hero Standor in the tavern.
Arminas found the best look out from a nearby building.
Souri and Silas stayed in the quiet woods… away from the hectic town.

Standor in his bright armor made his way to the inn and regaled everyone with tales. His loyal retinue stayed outside where Arminas tried to talk to them… only to be met with refusal.

Goblins came to town, stealing goods and holding a little girl hostage until they were gone. Standor told no one to follow and went after the knaves. What did our heroes do? What everygood hero does. Listen not to the warnings of danger and follow Standor!

So, the heroes followed after. They watched as Standor was captured and slowly followed to rescue the poor hero from the large band of goblins. They were only hindered for a few moments by the illusion magics masking the trail when they found Standor sitting comfortably with a few goblins with all the town’s stuff to the side.

Karim overhears Standor bragging about their plans and how well their steal went. They planned to sell the goods. And apparently all Standor’s shiny gear? … All an illusion as well.

They kill the goblins, subdue Standor (with a side of interrogation), and take the stuff back to town. There, the local constable takes away Standor.

XP for Session: 1,000

Ace (Silas)

Kevin (Arminas)
Maria (Karim)
Paula (Souri)
Richard (Rejard)

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